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Warmoth bodies and necks

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I'm after a rear routed s/s/s guitar, and as they are very limited, i thought i'd build one, so are warmoth bodies and necks any good?

I was thinking of something like this


Soloist carved top bound body, s/s/s.

but maybe in a nice bluey green burst colour with gold hardware with white binding.

So back to the question, as i'm in the UK, will it be worth shipping it over (probably cost about £375 to £400 ish. ) and are they good quality?

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the neck on my bass is Warmoth, plays great, and is beautifully constructed to boot. I ordered a regular maple neck, and the wood has some very subtle flame to it. I ordered an ebony fb, and it is pure black with no streaks whatsoever. Top quality materials/work. I love 'em. Helpful tech too!

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You might try USA Custom Guitars, also!  They a usually less expensive and of exceptional quality.  Tommy who owns USACG worked a Warmoth.  He took the best guys and opened up his own shop.  His necks are the best i've seen,  better than most.

USA Custom Guitars


Tommy is a great person to know and do bussiness with. His products are top-'o-the-line. I decided to get a neck made awhile back after playing a friends Warmoth neck. Another friend told me about Tommy and after getting my neck at USACG I showed my friend with the Warmoth neck and he's jealous! B)

(hahaha sounds like an add on an infomercial but it's true) :D

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I would go with Tommy and USACG if they had the type of wood I wanted, but I still like Warmoth very much. With either one, I hear you will get very good results, and doubt you will be disapointed.

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You mean you wanna make one of these?


ohohohohohohh wowowowowowowowow

Thats EXACTLY EXACTLY the thing i'm looking for. I mean exactly. I wanted something that was basically the same as my green ibanez but s/s/s


thats my green ibanez in the middle.

WOWOW have you got any more details about that guitar????

If God was a guitar he'd look like that!!!!!!

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Its a Pensa Custom Mark Knopfler 2

Nice collectuion. Any specs on em?

they look much more impressive then they actually are lol.

From Left to right...

  • Old old nylon string, not really operational
  • Westfield electro acoustic
  • (on top of amp) Cheap £3 three quarter size. The strings are all rusty and it has a suprisingly good sound. The rust on the strings make it sound like an old robert johnson recording. Used for slide
  • Black Les Paul style, bought for £100 unknown make. This guitar is the lord of crap guitars. Its now been dissassembled and used for parts (Has schaller machine heads and a dimarzio in)
  • White one behind - £8 guitar intended to be shmashed up at a gig, although has escaped the chop yet
  • Ibanez S1540fm prestige - My main baby.
  • The blonde gibson isn't a gibson, unsure of the make, truly amazing tone and feel, reall not sure about that one. No music shop are anywhere can tell the origin or age or anything. Its a 1 piece body with a 2 piece top, 2 piece maple neck. Kick ass unkown guitar. Many offers have been made, but i'd never sell.
  • Blue tele thing - my first guitar i made, made when i was a young lad at the age of 14 in school. I did my work experience with a local luthier. (the teachers had to take pictures of it during manufacture so people would believe i made it. :D Plays great, essentially the same electronics as a JS1000 minus the push pull pot. Used for slide.

As well as that., i've got an ibanez RG570 i scored for £100, and a part built guitar waiting for a refinish and a sustainer to be installed (pics and step by steps will be shown, as i don't think there has been one done about a sustainer kit installation. I could make a lesson of it.


Anyway thats my guitars. I love my wierd and wonderful crazy guitars. The stranger the better.

On a side note, if anybody wants to buy a jcm2000 half stack for cheap, let me know. I have my eyes on some nice boutique amps.

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How do you like the Crybaby From Hell? Im thinking of getting one.

I love it, its great, so versatile. My only bad point is that its switchable.

SO if anybody knows where i could get it made er non switchable...damn can't think of the word now. Then let me know.

It really is a fantastic pedal. I love it.

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what JCM 2000 is it? i might be interested :D

its the DSL 100W

The cab is brand new in Jan, the head was bought of my mate who had it from new. All new valves in January.

There is a tiny tiny tear in the cloth from when my steve vai picture fell down (The only time i've said bad things about Mr Vai hehe). :D

Great condition, just not for me. I really wanted £800, but i guess i could go as low as something like £725 maybe even £700 depending on the sale and other stuff. Half stack for £725 now that ain't bad. B)

as for the Ax1000G well mine is a AX1500G, i've got nothing but praise for it. Its been a very very good pedal. When you push it through a tube amp you get some really really brilliant sounds. Had mine for about 3 years now, and never once broken down or anything. I've been playing for about 5 or 6 years now and i still love it. The only bad thing is the delay between patches. But i can live with that. (until i do my summer shopping :D )

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