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Zebrawood for fretboard?

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I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Zebrano is very hard, heavy and dense, much like the Rosewoods and Ebony, although it's not an oily wood.

I think it would fall into the class of using Maple. Good enough for a 'board, but probably best finished, not left raw.

Maybe not tho...do it and let us know. :D

One point in it's favor is that most Zebrano is quartersawn, that's what gives it it's 'look', and that's always a good thing to have going for you, it will be stiff and strong and not prone to warping or twisting easily, and good for clear soundwave transmissions.

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One thing that I do other than play guitar is build custom 1911 pistols. To some, that is an art, to others, well those who don't like guns just don't like guns.

Zebrawood is one of the items that we use to make grips for guns. I know it is tough, strong and fairly light.

I appreciate the input.

If all else fails, I go with what I know.

This will be my first guitar build project. I have played since I was nine. Won't tell you how many years that is, but it is more than 20. :D

Neck through strat, woods to be selected while at the supplier. The 1/4" stock that we get for the Zebrawood grips is sufficient for a fretboard so that part would be, well, free for me.

Thanks for the input.

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I Turkey we have a lot of olive trees but people don't cut them down just because they bring a lot more income when they are alive, so it is hard to find they. They are fairly similar to zebrawood in grain, color and density but it seems to be a lot oilier wood (like I have ever seen Zebrawood) but it as oily as rosewood. It is very porous too.

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wel im doing my guitar with a zebra wood fretboard, its very pretty but there are a few things i have noticed

1. it is very fury (if youve touched iut youl know what I mean) and its hard to sand without ripping some grain out. also it leaves a very nasty heavy brown dust.

2. the wood is very pretty, but dont make it distract you from imperfections in the grain.

3. the wood is pretty soft on the surface so becarefull when you are working with frets. as scratches wil appear and are hard to sand out. expecially beware of sharp edges on the fret dressing files.

other than that its prety good as a fretboard, and all i finished it was with shelac and it seems like its fine with it, but unlike ebony you have to finish it with something

also i forgot to add that it really cloged up the saw i used to cut the fretslots, had to clean it often with a sandpaper spounge

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Would zebra wood also work well as an inlay on the top of the body. I too really like the look, and was just wondering. :D

Do you mean as a top for the guitar body or just as an inlay design?

Either way it will work. I'm just try to clarify the question.

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