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ibanez rgt42 bridge and neck

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i have an rgt42 for 2 years now. i had to change the low trs2 bridge as a guitar is no good if when you play a chord it goes out of tune. i now have a schaller in it and it is the most stable thing ever, even more so than my epiophone LP. now i see there is a enw bridge replacing the low trs2. i think its the edge pro2. are theese any good, or just a varation of the Low TRS2? also, what kind of wood is in the neck of the rgt42? i cant find it on the website.

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the neck on the rgt42 is a 5 piece laminate of maple and walnut,amazingly enough...i can't believe they throw paint on it...and the schaller is just as good as the lopro in my opinion..

by the way i have a rgt42rp.....it is what is in all the clips i posted...only mods are the emg 81s

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