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faq on my sustainor for all those who had questions on mine

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yeah someone hacked my freesite..

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So I'm still unclear on the practical aspects where the Piezo needs to go... Under the bridge pickup?? Or is it mounted on the surface of the guitar or what?

I'm getting ready to build a new guitar based on a LP Jr with 2 P-90's and this would be a cool feature to add, I'm just a little unclear on what goes where...


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still not sure how to clear it up.. i mean the picture clearly shows that it is mounted on the rear of the pickup for the way i did it.

the second line of the faq

"what type of speaker should i use??? someone sent me a link of a huge speaker from radioshack, and i was like uhh... basically if you can fit it under your pickup it will work... "

also like i have said play with it before you put it under your pickup it does sound different once its in there but it will give you the idea of it.

look at the other sustainor links to see my other responses


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