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hi res piccys of my airbrushed sg

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well, i finally gor round to finishing it.. here it is B):D :D (i need to redo another scratchplate, made a bit of a mess.)

ull have to copy and paste into the adress bar.. no likey remote linky people!!!!!!






ull have to copy and paste people!!!!!!

thought? opinions? should i put it in the guitar of the month thingy or isnt it good enuf??

rock on!! :D

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simply amazing work. I think you have posted this somewhere before? I have definately seen this. I like the lyrics on the neck.

What are your plans for this guitar?

well my plans are to beat the living poo out of it on stage B) its soon to be joined with a brother.. a white strat with jimi on it :D setting fire to his guitar on the back and same design (jimis face tho)on the front

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