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Drafting table

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I've never really had a confortable place to draw out my guitar ideas at full scale, that and i'm always lookfing for a place to trace large pictures or overlap things, so i said "hell with it" and built a drafting table that suited my needs, made out of MDF, the entire unit cost me 30$, and the sheet of plexiglass that's backlit was free (dad has some good friends ). Every joint is glued, pre drilled and screwed, and the top table angle is adjustable from 0 to 51 degrees. The plexiglass is frosted on the back, but still has the wax paper on the front till i get the whole thing sealed and painted.

still working on the foot rest and cup holder :D


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pole is fasended (spelling :D ) to the frame under the plexiglass, and that pole runs thru pivoting block with a hole in it, the knob sticking out the side tightens into place to lock the rod, there's a rod on either side, and along the front of the table and the bottom of the plexi frame there's a 54" piano hinge with 50 screws B)

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welcome to the world of the architect student, hahahaha, one thing i do is do a really small sketch scan it into my computer and rough it out in autocad then print it to roughly scale and then sketch onto it to get it nice how i like it, o btw your setup there with the light in the back is called a light table, :D


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