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First guitar build

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I will throw pics in as soon as I can get some going.

You guys have "inspired" me to build the guitar that I have always wanted, and was too broke (three kids, almost all in their teens now :D ) to buy.

We shall see. It will either be the first mistake and be worth the parts, or it will be my first "high end" guitar.

Neck through, Cherry neck (I have had a cherry 4x4 sitting in the garage for at least five years and it is a cheap first timer). Swamp Ash "wings" which will be painted Chevrolet Metallic Onyx Black (Love the color). I like the idea of a red cherry center with black wings, and a "penstripe" on both wing joints. (Helps hide the fact that my jointer isn't as good as I wish it were.) All finished off with a clear coat.

Going Floyd Rose (Schaller), EMG 81, and Grover tuners.

Any advice before I finish cutting the neckthrough? As far as truss rod, do's and don'ts, etc.?

*Edit: Forgot to mention that the fretboard is going to be Zebrawood. Love the "peanutbutter and chocolate" swirl look.

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Hardball...What part of the planet are you from?...Sacremento?...I've been using Stew-Mac truss rods, without a problem, up to now....I am going to start building my own rods...I've got the tooling, so why not! Zebrawood for a fretboard?....I've never tried it myself, but , I think it may be too soft for a fretboard, it could deaden the tone, it is also prone to some mild fractures and checking.....If you want that type of look....try Pale Moon Ivory (very hard to come by...much like macassar only light and dark stripes) or spalted hard maple.

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I am in Florida.

As for the Zebrawood, I have a stockpile of it here. I typically make grips for 1911's with it as I build competition and high end pistols.

The Zebrawood that I am using is very dry and very tight. It takes "checkering" well when we make grips out of it, and maintain the checkering through much service, so I thought I would give it a try. Very good looking IMO.

If you think it will deaden the sound, then maybe I should think about it. Pale moon ivory..... I have seen it used once on grips, and a couple times elsewhere. I imagine it is expensive? I will see if I can find a source. I love the look.

Who knows, if it doesn't have the sound I am seeking, my son will have a guitar and I will have to try yet again. :D . Learning as I go...

Thanks for the pointers.

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Hi dudes, been away for a good while, but back now (just not as often as before) :D

Hardball: I'm using zebrwood as the centre laminate on my 3 piece neck (maple on the outside). After laminating the 3 pieces together I cut a thin piece off of the block to use as a matching fret board. Not sure about all the sound issues but it makes my neck look like it's all warped (which is kinda what I was after)

Good luck with the project dude B)

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Ok, I have taken some pics. As I get them developed and scanned (Yes, I use a 35 mm camera from work. It is a good camera that we use to take pics for engineering decisions, so....) I will get them posted.

Thing is, I hate having to buy as I go. (I have three kids and a $50 a week allowance for building the guitar. :D ) I am currently waiting on Stewmac to deliver some goods so I can proceed. In the mean time I am trying hard not to go work on something as I am at a stage in the neck through that I have to wait for the truss rod installation before I do anything else. :D

Waiting sux and I know when that box arrives I will be like a kid at Christmas.... B)

Thanks for all of the input guys....

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