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spoke shave and draw knife

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The one I have been talking about is the Veritas spokeshave from WoodCraft. It's real nice and not too bad price-wise (about $50.00 I think). I would have just used a cheap spokeshave but I just could not get them to perform like they should. If you are good with sharpening, I bet you could get by with a cheap spokeshave but I'm not really into sharpening yet - it's something I'd like to study soon but no time right now.

WoodCraft does also sell drawknives as mentioned above. I bought one that I think has the same issue as my cheap spokeshaves - probably not sharp enough. It just doesn't "draw" very well - I end up fighting with it and things get ugly. I guess it may be time to look into sharpening things myself.

Anyway - the Veritas spokeshave comes with a very sharp blade. You should examine it though and be sure it doesn't need any additional work. If you have trouble setting one up - I may be able to help. The person at WoodCraft showed me how to do it and what to expect out of a spokeshave. The main thing is to set it up so you litteraly get shavings - not too aggresive. There are others here who can probably give more detailed advice on setting them up.

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