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Another dumb kid building his dream guitar


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Okay, I'm over here because I'm an idiot and I need some help.

I'm gonna make a 12 string set neck electric with 2 mini soap bar pickups,

1 tone and 1 vol knob, kill switch, and like a 3 way selector switch (not like gibson, but the one you slide horizontally). I'm looking for a hard/classic rock guitar. I am still trying to figure out what kind of wood to use. I want the paint to look kind of vintagy/cool. You know kinda like the richkenbacker sp? george harrison style. I'm gonna have the shape, kinda like a guitar pic.......have you ever seen those vox teardrop guitars?:?? thats kinda what i wanna do. First step is figuring out what kinda wood i wanna use, I want really cool wood not just like alder or maple.....

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There are millions of possiblities, however, this should be in the solid body section, as for some woods, heres a small list:







Beech (however i dont think anyone ever has used it)

Thats just a small list, plus I am having a brain fart and cant think of anymore

Good luck


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