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Clear coat polish


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Hello again!

As those of you who have been following the saga of my seemingly-neverending Schecter refinish project { and i'm sure there's legions of you out there :D } know, i've used an acrylic-based clear coat by Krylon to shine up my paint. I'm about three coats into it, and it's looking good. My Dad suggested that i use a rubbing compound and clear coat polish { typically what you would use on your car } to shine it up even more. Would this be a good idea with an acrylic-based clear coat?

Please help!


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Best bet I could come up with is to try doing it on a spare piece of wood to see the result's, since there are so many different brands to play with when it comes to polishes and rubbing compounds.

This will also help you with a little practice on the side since it is really easy to polish your way through clearcoats and paint if your not careful :D

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