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my material finish project

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hello Everyone.........i got this jackson lefty body off ebay for 25 bucks....

the paint was in bad shape........so thanks to brian and his usefull section on a material finish.........

I decided to try it for myself.........so far its looking rpetty nice but it nots perfect......

I have been spraying it with some clear filler.....im planning on buying some polyurethane in the can black in color to spray the sides and the top bottom edge

i dont have a spray gun.......im wanting to add last some clear polyurethane for the clear coat.............what would be better out of these two chooses??

poly out of a can using a brush.....

or poly sprayed out of a can?.thanks for your time..........heres two pictures of the body http://profiles.yahoo.com/honky_tonk2003


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Am I just stupid,

Or are both of those links just links to a profile page, one of which featuring a dude's face, and the other featuring a toy truck?


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depends on your experience and which you feel more comfortable with.

ive used brush on poly and spray poly with reasonable success.

the key seems to be patience and setting up a clean enviorment. i have to say ive been happier with the brush on in more of my furniture and guitar finishes.

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