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My new neck woods

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Here are a couple of boards I picked up on the bay today. The 3 flatsawn boards I might use to try laminating some blanks. The big piece of quartersawn maple looks like it has a couple of necks in it, I have a little room to get it down to 3/4". As for the paduak I really have no idea. Maybe laminate it with the maple? Any ideas. This is really the first time I have bought wood not labled as a neck blank. How did I do?

1/4sawn maple;


flat sawn maple;




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you certainly got a good deal. Its perhaps because it doesnt claim to be a neck blank that you havent been charged over the odds for it.

nice little bit of figuring in the maple there.

Id be tempted to try for a maple/paduak/bloodwood/paduak/maple laminate neck with that selection, then theres a kind of contrasting fade from creamy yellow to red and back.

although from the thicknesses you may end up 'wasting' a fair deal of wood, the more slices you laminate.

though saying that, from the prices i think you can afford to.


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Yeah I was thinking since the bloodwood was quartersawn I would just use it on its own for a neck. I do think I will do a laminate with the flatsawn maple pieces and the paduak piece. The big piece of quartersawn maple (72") will need some work. Im gonna rough cut as many blanks out as I can (probably 4) and then have them planed to 3/4" and jointed. I think I will have enough scrap that I can glue on some ears for larger headstocks. As far as the figuring on the maple it looks to be very minimal but I was planning on doing a solid color finish for my two projects that need necks at this point anyway so no big deal. One question for anyone who may know. I generally understand how to laminate a neck but how should I cut the paduak/maple boards up. Do I rip them into 1" sections or what?

ps, only $12 shipping on the 3 flat blanks and the 72" quartersawn one from Ohio! That was a nice suprise! :D

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