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Disaster Strikes

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OK....had a bad weekend.

This week I got my frisket and started on the "black album" flames for my project. When I drew the flames on the frisket, I used a black, alchohol soluable marker. Put the frisket on, put about four coats of the satin nitro on, a coat in the morning before I left for work, and one at night after I came home for two days, let dry for two days, took the frisket off, and there they were. Little black dashes everywhere along the edge of the flames where the pen had solvasized(sp?) and was now trapped deep in the nitro. Tried to scape, but they were deep; I ended up going through the color into the primer in some places.

A few hours earlier, all that was between me and finishing the guitar was a few coats of gloss, and it was now ruined. I have stripped the top back to bare wood (the rest of the body is masked) and have redone the sand and seal and reprimed. I have to drive out to the reranch at lunch and get some more copper tone metallic (I pretty much used the whole can doing the body the first time), and start the color coats again.

I now know how Drak felt with the maple top that wouldn't dye right. I almost threw the body against the wall and then thought about slicing it in half with the table saw. My wife put me in time out and saved me from myself by taking me out of the garage and into the house, giving me a coke and talking to me until I calmed down. I'm still pissed, but I have a little perspective. Not ALL of my work is worthless on it, but I'm still weeks away from playing it. Oh, well. The "black album" flames were the effect I was going for; it was just a helluva way to get a preview. I have learned this: Take the rubbing alchohol to the frisket to rid it of the pen BEFORE you apply it to the body.

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One other thing to be very careful of is the plastic type frisket films are not solvent proof unless you specifically buy the solvent proof stuff (which is not what 99% of art stores sell) This seems all fine and good right up until you remove the frisket only to find the glue being left all over your guitar body. (I learned the hard way :D )

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I had that very same feeling when I screwed up my inlay on my very first neck - a few guys here at projectguitar talked me down and I'm still playing it today.

It really sucks going back and redoing something but there is a sense of accomplishment when you conquer the problem eventually. I hope it all works out for you.

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