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7 string pups


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Im building a 7 string LP with a locking trem...

Korina/walnut body

ebony/maple laminate neck

Im thinking bridge really hot, very rich harmonically, and high output for the heavier stuff

FOr the middle pickup, I want something more 70s rock ish....A nice strat-like bell mixed with a bit of tele jangle....SOmething like a twang banger, but for the 7 string.....

For the neck, Im thinking a smoother pup for the blues and jazz....Nice smooth, crisp sound.....

Im was thinking

Seymour Duncan Jazz Model Neck

Rio Grande Tallboy Middle

Dimarzio Tone Zone for bridge

WIll that provide what Im looking for? If not could you reccomend what will?


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either the tone zone, or evolution bridge

maybe look at the air norton 7 for the neck, that's supposed to be a pretty clean pickup for the neck

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the Tone Zone 7 is a great pickup, it gives a phat sound with high gain amps because it has balanced output. it is hot but it's not really hot, like you say you want. the Blaze is a good choice for thick low end and top end sizzle, and the Evo 7 is cranked across the board. i like the TZ7 in mahogany for a thick, dark, Boogie-type tone, but many people find it too dark. if you want something sharper, i'd recommend the Blaze bridge.

for a smooth neck pickup, i like the Air Norton 7. especially with a lot of gain, it still retains a smooth and round tone. but you also say you want it crisp, and to me those aren't the same type of sound. the PAF 7 has less output than the AN7, but it has a midrange edge that makes it more crisp. there is a Blaze neck model, but that will be even more sharp.

i haven't played the Tallboy, but i own a bunch of the Rio Grande Muy Grande 7 string single coils. they sound fantastic, chimey on clean tones, gritty and phat with amp gain. i think the Muy Grande's higher output might match better with bridge and neck humbuckers, unless you want the middle single to be quieter and mellower than the humbuckers.

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