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sg or LP

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It stands for standard guitar and was invented by Les Paul, and early ones carried his name, he decided he didn't like it and the name was taken away.... Thats how I remember it anyway. I love SG's! 'specially blue ones!

If I were you i'd make an SG, in fact I am making a P90 equipped hollowbodyso I would say that! Maybe with some different woods.....

If you plan on copying either to the last detail you'll really need to know what you are doing! The Les Paul is a very complex beast! The SG has it's pitfalls too, tricky neck join and some none to easy carving...

What would work well would be a flat bodied Les Paul, a bit more like a Tele really, unless of course you're an experianced woodworker, in which case you'll be fine!

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I've read that SG stands for solid guitar.

SGs are abit lighter, so that might help you choose on which one you would prefer

But one of my friends complains that his SG doesn't balance too great, but I've played it and its not that bad, just some thing to consider

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check this out for an SG


Yea, that is sweet.

Was it Crash who did this one? i know he did the grafitti strats for clapton, but did he do this one aswell?

sorry for the off topic question.

Anyway, SG or LP?

Which do you prefer? after all, its you who is building it, and you who is going to be playing it.

an SG might be easier, but both have their own pitfalls.

but if you have the patience and determination, either should be possible.

just so you know, i havent built any guitars yet, so take my advice with a pinch of salt!


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ahh! les paul jr. now that would rock way better than both, I reckon!

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I've read that SG stands for solid guitar.

You're right. Originally Les was going through a divorce with Mary Ford and was originally 'Les Paul SG' but his name was removed (due to the divorce) and renamed 'SG'. The SG was it's production name, they never gave the guitar a real name of its own.

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SG = "Solid Guitar"

Les Paul did not like the guitar. Quote from this site:



Why Did Les Paul want his name off the SG?

A friend of mine saw Les Paul play at the Iridium in New York and asked him that very question.

There where 3 technical factors.. and 1 funny one…

When he did fast runs up the neck, the bottom horn always got in his way.

He hated the neck. He thought they were flimsy and not as stable from a tuning stand point.

He liked the Mahogany body – maple cap construction of the les Paul better from a tone standpoint. In fact that’s the same thing he didn't like about the old Les Paul Customs.

He didn’t want to do anything until Mary was out of the picture ( so she couldn’t get part of the contract money). "

Both guitars are nice to build and play. From a personal standpoint I prefer the SG over the LP. Its a question of weight and balance for me. I like to play sitting down and found that the heavy LP sitting on my leg wants to flip. Its a stand up guitar. The first time I picked up a '68 SG I was surprised at how light it was and liked the wide fingerboard and shallow neck profile.

Of course, you can build either to any specifications you want. What you do doesn't have to be an exact copy. I'm currently building an SG style neckthru right now. Still one of the coolest body styles I've ever seen. :D

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I worked for Gibson for quite awhile. Got tired of building crap, so I quit. Anyway, SG stands for solid guitar. They weren't entirely designed by Les Paul, but by him and the Gibson design team. As everyone else pointed out, he didn't like it too much so he took his name off it. As for construction differences, they are quite different. Obviously, LPs are thicker than SGs, and have a carved maple top. The neck joint on SGs are considerably weaker due to the the lack of wood at the neck joint and not being set into the body deep enough. I saw many a neck pop off the SGs just sitting in the racks :D . The carved top is quite a task for a first guitar, but the contours of the SG are equally as hard. My suggestion is to practice both on scrap before ruining your pricey piece of whatever you have. My first guitar was a SG standard and my second was a 78 LP Custom Deluxe Silverburst, and man, I wish I still had my PRS. I've owned 64 guitars, 36 of which were Gibsons (mostly LPs and SGs) and I wouldn't own another one unless I built it myself, which I wouldn't. Triple grade A pieces of shite if you ask me. But, that's just my two cents worth and I'm guessin' it ain't worth that.

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haha the airline, well jay i figured it was a little to challenging for my first project, plus i dunno i would only want the guitar if it was really fiberglass anf not a wood copy y'know? yea...

im most definetly going witht the LP a carved top one at that, wiring seems easier and with a simply neck..oh are they bolt on or set?? But now i just went and played a Gibon ES 335 and man is it nice.....so might be going with that tho i hear they are extremely difficult to produce.....so many choices

thanks for all the replies! keep em coming!


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I live both, but If I really had to choose one, It would be a carved top SG with seymour duncan 59 model pickups and a 31 fret neck.

But, if i had to go Les Paul, it would be carved top maogany body with an ash cap, along with seymour duncan 5p model neck pickup and seymour duncan live wire bridge to give it a thrashy kinda-hate-me sound, now thats a beautiful sound

So, go whatever way you choose, personally, I would go SG, but LP are good as well


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