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Les Paul Measures

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Hello Friends!

I'm about to begin to work in my first Les Paul carved top guitar, but as I don´t have one to take measures, I would like to know the thickness of the body and the thickness of the top.

Thanks a lot...

and sorry my English


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I'm pretty sure those CAD files didn't show profiles that indicate the thickness of the top and body woods, though I haven't double checked recently.

My research showed 5/8" being the 'standard' thickness for a Les Paul cap, though I'm confident that in different years and for different models, that number isn't set in stone. I didn't find anything about the body thickness, but they seem pretty thick, so 1 3/4" would be getting close to the mark.

If you can find a document that tells the thickness of a Les Paul, then subtract 5/8" and you'll have your body thickness.


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I have a topo map (contour lines) of an LP body, don't remember where I picked it up. It looks hand drawn and its difficult to relate the numbers used to any particular reference point. But the numbers (heights) are relative to each other, might be in mm increments, and I think the distance between the contours are fairly close. I guess its time to change picture hosting site again. More trouble than its worth sometimes. Lets see if this works... copy/paste to url address bar might work.


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