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Pedal board noise


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OK , I am experimenting with studio pedal board......i got:

PA mixer




BOSS OC2 (octaver)


BOSS MT2 (metal zone)


BOSS DD6 (delay)

I use the signal of the guitar from the GUITAR OUT of the Roland synth.....

I use 1 power adapter to charge all 3 boss pedals ....1.2A is the power of the adapter.

PROBLEM.....when I kick in the distortion, I get a bad HUMMMMMMMM thing going on, very loud when I am not playing....

Can it be the power adapter?

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I think it could be the adapter. Is that the correct power setting for Boss pedals? I'd tell you what mine is but I dont have it right here. I do think its power, though. Try throwing a 9v in it instead of using the AC adapter and see if the sound is still there.

It could be guitar noise, too. My metal zone gives me a tiny hiss that is just pickup noise being amplified...i think.

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It sounds like the same problem I just solved with my pedal board. The noise in my case came from a Roland chromatic tuner. Once it's power supply was isolated, the noise went away.

When you chain all the power supplies together like that, you run the risk of getting ground loops. If you have another power supply to hand, I would suggest running the dirt box off it's own power supply to see if the buzz goes away.

<edit> Great suggestion AlienDude. *smacks forehead* Use a 9V battery! <edit>

Keep us posted.

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