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Spray Booths


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Try doing a search on spray booth here - there's been some talk about it lately. I'm not a big supporter of the refrigerator box with non-explosion proof fan and space heater idea. I'd expect disaster eventually. It's in one of the threads I mentioned.

I know Drak mentioned that he sprays outside. At first, I thought that might lead to a lot of crud getting into the finish but I've sprayed two guitars outside and have not had any issues. I let them hang in the basement to cure. I also thought I would have a lot of dust issues doing that but to my surprise, they are looking very good. I'll be posting pics soon.

In one of those threads, I provided a link to a very good booth design page if you are interested. Grainger sells some good exhaust fans but they are expensive.

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They are as explosion proof as you can get, the motors aren't anywhere near where the fan is, it's all pulley driven so that the paint fumes can't get anywhere to an electrical supply (motor etc) all the lights are mounted outside behind sealed plexi windows, all switching is outside the booth, everything is as explosion proof as it can be.

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