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interesting idea.

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yesterday, i bought a large quantity of sitka spruce flamed maple and bubinga. this is some nice flamed maple.

so what is this stuff for???

the freak'n craziest idea in the history of archtop building....... a NECK thru archtop......

I know it sounds impossible. but i plan to extend the neck joint a few extra inches into the archtop for stability then hollow the neck by hand and glue sides then back then top. BTW back will be bookmatched flamed maple midsection will be flamed maple. top will be the ever classic sitka spruce. plus a 7 piece neck thru on both sides!!!!

the wood is here and there is no turning back baby!!! i know archtop fans such as drak will greatly appreciate this exercise of insane ideas/ and worksmanship.

Any q's will gladly help me along.

cheers and beers,

sam fisher

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Sounds interesting. Just ignore this if I'm telling you something you already know...

...but one of the most important parts of a true archtop hollowbody is the back. Typically carved to 1/4" (tapering to 1/8" at the recurve) it is the piece that moves all the air. At least that's what Robert Benedetto tells me (via video).

Are you planning to thin down the neck extension to 1/4"??? It would kinda defeat the purpose of a neck-thru IMHO. If you leave it thicker I think it will still sound good, but probably not as deep of a sound as a standard hollowbody archtop.

If I were you, I'd try to make the neck extension slightly thinner both top and bottom, so that both the spruce top and the maple back are free to vibrate. In other words, don't attach the neck extension to either the back or the top (except at the heel and tail). You'll still have a strong neck, and you happily avoid that whole mortise & tenon set-neck thing.

Post pics when you get a chance!

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