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metal inlay

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I remember hearing/reading (cant remember where) about a simple to do metal inlay, good for side markers, made by filling the inlay cavity with pieces of solder and then heating.

I was wondering if anyone had tried it and what the results were.

Is it as easy as it sounds or do you end up with some slightly singed wood for your troubles?


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What about using brass, copper, silver, or whatever metal rods? You just drill a hole, cut the material to length and glue them in. Simply sand or file flush and you are done. This soldering technique sounds like more trouble than it's worth. And why tin and lead inlays when there are much nicer metals that will take a polish and really shine? I use brass, copper, and silver all the time. It looks great and takes about 10 minutes to do a fingerboard.

Just my $0.02.


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