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Epi Les Paul


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How can you tell the difference between the tip and the sleeve lugs? There is now no wire on the jack (except for some stuck in solder) and the gray sleeved wire that came from it has a white sleaved wire coming out of it and threads of wire which aren't sleaved. Which do I solder to which?

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What you've got there is a shielded cable - the white wire is the hot lead, and the stranded wire around the outside is a braided shield. Connect the white wire to the tip lug and the shield to the sleeve lug. The sleeve lug is the one that is physically connected to the body of the jack (the tube the plug fits through), and the tip lug connects to the tall spring terminal that the plug tip snaps into when it seats.


In this picture, the sleeve lug is on the left, and the tip lug is on the right.

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