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3/8 - 32 tap...where to buy


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I am looking for a 3/8" 32 thread tap.

It seems this is the thread size and pitch for output jacks. I am looking to machine a "nut" for the jack instead of having the typical nut visible.

However I am having NO luck finding a tap in this size. Has anyone tried this before?


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I think you might find that the correct tap is a metric size, which would be a 10mm tap (3/8" = 9.52mm). I'm not sure what you have in your part of the world but all the stuff around here (South Africa) has metric specs and it all comes from Korea,Taiwan etc.

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Have you tried McMaster-Carr, MSC, Reid tool supply ?

Maybe Mouser electronics would have one ???

There are metric and Imperial size jacks. I mess with both all the time. Metrics are a wee-bit smaller than the Imperial, which I also assume is 3/8-32.

I've never tried making threads for those jacks.

I have a 3/8"-16 tap which is common, but I really lucked out when I found a pack of 4 big taps (3/8"-16 included) of different sizes at a "crap" store called 'Big Lots'. 3 bucks for 4 big tungsten carbide, made in japan, taps, which I've used quite a bit and there seem to be no flaws with them. Blows the ' You get what you pay for " theory out the door.

(funny how we can't see anyone's location anymore)


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