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Building Electric and Acoustic Guitars

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i plan to read a monstrous amount about guitars this summer at camp. if someone could write the name down of some really good books that give very detailed descriptions of how to build them and how everything works. By the way, it would be good if the books cover the most basic things, cause the only thing i really know about them is tuning, and playing. i don't know any wiring or setups or anything.

greatly appreciated

ted :D

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As mentionned in the other thread:

Melvyn Hiscock's make your own electric guitar,

Martin Koch's Building electric guitars

Roger Siminoff's Constructing a solid-body guitar (I've got that one and I think it sucks, I wouldn't recommend it)

Robert Benedetto's Making an archtop guitar(if you're into that sort of thing)

Dennis Waring and David Raymond"s make your own guitar and bass( nice book, very beautiful pictures)

Hiscock's book is the most complete in my opinion.

If you're more advanturious:

Jason Lollar's basic pickup winding and complete guide to making you own pickup winder.

This book is pushed by everyone on the pickup builder's forum as the reference on the subject. I was pretty disapointed with this book, in reality, it's nothing more than a big step-by-step plan of how to build a winder with only a couple of pages of info on building the pickups and how they work.

I found this book:

Erno Zwaan's Animal magnetism for musician. Half the book is a step-by-step build of a bass (not that detailed) and the other half is 5 diffrent step-by-step projects to build 5 types of bass pickups. Lots of technical info on pickups. The only place i've seen it online is at LMI.

:D But now living in the netherlands...

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