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What do you think about my sg design?

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WOW ! that site is cooool ! I almost built an exact copy of my real guitar, which is also my 'dream guitar'


But I must say, you kids today are spoiled !!! When I was your age and wanted to see what my "dream guitar" might look like, I had to make a full sized cardboard model, make the template by hand !, then really paint the cardboard model. I still have a couple from several years ago :



They sure don't look as good to me now as they did back then, which just goes to show..... you put off that "dream guitar" long enough and you end up realizing it wouldn't have even remained your dream guitar for long.

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i have to agree with lgm,i find sg's overwhelmingly ugly.if i had designed it i would be ashamed.on the other hand the custom designs you came up with almost make it bearable.they would look great on a les paul or v.just my opinion. i also feel the same about steinbergers.i hear they're great guitars though.it's the cutaway behind the trem and the lack of headstock.

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