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Is it Possible to Put too Much Wax on Pickups?


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So I repotted my strat project guitar pickups this morning, and I followeed the instructions in the tutorial section but after dipping them twice and letting them cool, I am wondering if there is too much wax on them. I guess i didnt understand the thing about wiping off excess completly. I wiped off lumps of wax and all but there still is a lot of wax on them. The picture is below. If I did put too much wax on, what effect will this have on the sound? Thanks!


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First off, the picture doesn't work. Angelfire doesn't support deeply embedded links to pics, if I remember correctly.

Second of all, though, without even looking at the picture I can tell you that having 'too much' wax will not affect your sound. In non-sensitive parts, you can just scrape off the excess with a hard (but relatively dull, in case you slip) object.


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I second that

wax (like plastic) is an insulator so there is no problem with too much there, so unless the hot wax melted the wires, which is highly unlikely, then there shouldnt be a problem.

also id recomend scraping that wax off the polepieces.

btw greg to see the image you can just copy the path and paste the url

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