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I want to build the MXR Headphone amp right.. and well i am having difficulties finding and ordering all the parts!

The part list can be found here.

I come from Australia, 1st i had a go at www.dse.com.au and then ww1.jaycar.com.au to try and find all the parts and add them to basket etc, but a heap of them arnt there. I even had a go on Racioshack.com but still the 2nd transisitor i searched for wasnt there.

I have built a couple of kits together so i have the gernal idea with soldering etc. Just never had to source the parts seperately myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Ben :D

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Wow, they do got alot alot fo stuff. :D

Its gunna take me a while ot find all these parts..

One thing i cant even find on mouser is a 1/4 watt rating, 500k, reverse log pot.

Does it go by another name by any chance.



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Small Bear Electronics is a good little online store, but they didnt reply to my email regarding if they had the parts i required (Its been about 4 days). I am going to email someone at General Guitar Gadgets and ask where they reccomend buying all the parts from for their projects.

Ben :D

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benno i am going trhough my parts here. drop me an email with your list i have 99% of it on hand and i am usualy online late at night.

also i have flat rate shipping. too. global flat rate small is five bucks if theres over four pounds i will upgrade on my own cost to the larger package.

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