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Vibrating Sander

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Hey everyone! Im nearing finishing, and im doing my final sanding. my guitar has a mahogany body, so the end grain shows all round the sides. I noticed that a vibrating sander creates a more scratch free finish, since it doesnt necessarily sand in one direction, which is good because of course the end grain has no direction. is there any rule that says a vibrating sander shouldnt be used as the final sanding step? would it be wise to end with 400 grit paper instead? Thanks a bunch!

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Are you using a clear finish? If so, then I'd suggest using the finer grit as your last step. A sander will often leave tiny swirl marks that don't reveal themselves until they are hit with the finish. End grain can be really suscepitible...My least favoriate parts are in the cutaways - hard to get to, and a pain to smooth out. I'd go with the 400 only after you've hit it with 220, and maybe even 320..get all those sanding marks out! Sander should be fine for that...but not for the front/back...finish sand that by hand with a block to ensure flatness.

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