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1982 Ibanez Musician

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I recently bought a 1982 Ibanez Musician (MC350) at a pawn shop (smokin' deal!) The guitar has two push/push pots on the tone controls, and two switches for "Tri-Sound." If anyone could tell me exactly what the heck "tri-sound" does, and which swich does whatever it is it is supposed to do, I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone has access to a wiring diagram, please send it my way. I need to do some electrical diagnosis, and I am pretty stumped.


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You can find answers to your questions at ibanezcolloctors.com. Do a keyword search on "tri sound" for lots of info. And you can post a request for the wiring diagram in the "Captain Ibanez" section - he's an Ibanez employee (in Australia) who has all the old wiring diagrams.

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