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Finishing Lacewood?

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I have a beatiful image in my mind of a solid lacewood PRS style body stained a deep green.... mmmm lovely.

What I want to know is; does anywone have experience with the stuff? I know it isn't too heavy and is meant to sound a bit like alder.... no bad thing. But how well does it work? I'm hoping it planes and carves well and i'm curious about the kind of finish it will take and wether it will need much grain filling etc as I was hoping for a carved top dyed green and then laquered to a high gloss.

Care to share your experiences? :D

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Does lacewood come in quite different shades? I noticed the stuff on Warmoth.com is very light but examples i've seen elsewhere are pretty dark... Ho hum.

I was thinking an amber, red or orange finish would look pretty nifty on it too.

Craft supplies in the UK will sell a 2" thick one piece body for £28.00 ($50USD) thats a pretty good price for such a sexy piece of wood I reckon!

Cheers for the advice anyhow!

For future reference does anyone know of a supplier in the UK for wood bleach? Can't find any at all!

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