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Bondo to fill tearout?

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Well I routed my airline body out today and had a few areas of tearout occur. I also have a small area where the router lifted from the surface so there is a small dig inside the body outline. I plan on doing a solid color finish so I'm wondering if I could use some Bondo to build up these areas and then sand them back to shape. I debated the sawdust/glue method also but I figured that bondo would be easier to spread and work with. Any ideas?

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Yes, plastic filler works quite well, although I wouldn't use the brand name "Bondo", as it is pretty low quality and doesn't have as much resin as what the pros use. I like Micro Lite, which is available from Napa, but any good filler will work. The only kind I haven't had good luck with is the type called Royal Gold, or any kind with the name "gold" in it. I think it's because of the extra things they put in it to inhibit rust and corrosion.

That's me anyway. :D

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