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Ok so the other day I tried to change the bit on my router and i couldn’t. Its the type that uses 2 wrenches. I swear you have to be the hulk to do this. I manage to change it before but now i cant. And believe i have used ALL my strength with no prevail. Any advice? it just wont budge.

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pull harder :D

seriously though, i hold my router with one arm almost like craddling a baby, i find it lets me get the most leverage on the wrench to losen the shank.... nut..... thing..... hmm i should look the name for that up

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Make sure you're on the right 2 nuts, if yours is like mine and has a wider nut sandwiched between the ones that need to be loosened.

I fudged around with mine FOREVER until I realized that there were 3 hexes in there! Stupid, but true. Also, to be sure that you're twisting the right way, it always helps me to visualize it by looking at it, router bit facing me-- then the top one is aligned like a normal nut-- IT should be the one twisting counter-clockwise to come loose.


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I make sure i've got two wrenches with fixed heads (i.e. exact shape for those 2 screws, non-movable slots) I craddle one wrench tightly with my left arm under my armpit (don't forget to unplug router) and push with right hand on the other one, if it doesn't work, I smack the wrench with the palm of my right hand until it loosens.

If you're still stuck, then use a hammer to tap your wrench gently until it loosens.

If that still doesn't work then i'd say you're tapping in the wrong direction :D

Next time tighten the lock tightly but not SUPER tight, there's no point to it besides pissing you off when you want to change the bit.

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