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wiring schematic design help needed


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Alright, Im going h-s-h, coil taps on both humbuckers (i'd like to use the south coil on bridge pup, and the north coil on the neck pup).

So neck with a coil tap so that the single coil sound is from the northern coil

bridge with coil tap so that the single coil sound comes from the southern coil.

I plan on using a concentric pot for each, allowing tone/volume in one control area so each is seperately controlled.

I then would like to use a stewmac overdrive circuit connected so that all 3 pups go into that.

Switch that will allow all pups to be used individually. Position 1-neck, position 2-middle, position 3-bridge.....

and a mono output jack, since it will be all passive.

If anyone would be awesome and draw up a simple schematic for me I'd appreciate it greatly. I know it is probably a rather complicated wiring, but I think it will be more than worth it in the end.


Neck------Dimarzio-------Air Norton 7 or PAF 7...........Most likely the PAF

Middle-----Rio Grande----Tall Boy 7

Bridge-----Dimarzio-------EVolution 7 or Tone Zone 7..Most likely the Tone Zone

The PAF is almost definate, but the Tone Zone/EVo choice is much harder, if anyone would like to reccomend one of those two Id appreciate it..



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i will do it drop me an email so i can reply back to ya


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