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The Chrome Fender Decals on the Aerodyne Models

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Does anybody know what those chrome Fender decals are made of or have any ideas on how I could reproduce such a thing, because I just saw one of those at Guitar Center and I want to paint the headstock on my Strat and put a decal like that on it. Also, do you know if these are inlays? They look kind of 3-D. Any ideas?



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Here's the best one I can find... http://www.fender.com/new_repository/fende.../0262400_xl.jpg

You can't see too much detail, but it looks like it's made of tinfoil (the shinier chrome-looking side). On the actual one, it looks kind of 3-D, but I dont need that, I just want the chrome Fender Logo. Maybe I could get somebody with a vinyl cutter/design thing to cut me out a Fender logo in that mylar-looking vinyl?



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