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hematite body finish

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, what i would like to know is if anyone has ideas or suggestions for achieving a hematite metallic finish to the body of a solid mahogany guitar, to get a shimmering mirroing effect.

I thought a similar process to 'gold-leafing' might be possible, perhaps getting a guilder to apply and then polish it up. My major hangups with this is the 'heat' involved, possibly burning the wood and drastically changing the tonal propeties of the body.

Mettalic paints are also another options but i really want it to shimmer under lights like chrome, not just reflect like a laquer.

Any ideas or comments would be great!

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theres a guy on ebay that does chromeboy copies, i dont know if he only sells ones he does, or he takes yours and does them. last time i saw them i was searching for 'ibanez js'. if you cant find them.

also, people that do graphics on motorcycle helmets like this, that are mass produced, print out all the graphics on a sheet, then either vacuum strech/from them to the helmet.


im sure metallic paints will work for you, im sure plenty of people are in the industry now for making 'chrome' paints for all different kinds of materials.

hope that helps.


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Hey, go to www.alsacorp.com, they have a great variety on chrome paints, from the metal ones to the ghost chrome. Just paint it as a base and then get the candy of your choice and paint over the base. This will be probably what you are looking for.

Sorry for writting the address, I don't know how to do the link yet.

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