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SG mutations

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woah way to many knobs oin the first one, 4 humbuckers is just a tad too many, you seriously dont need more then 2, look at the les paul jr. 1 pickup 2 knobs simple and a great guitar (im not even sure its has 2 knobs) it also looks like it has a piezo since it has 2 outputs that makes it even more complicated

but as for the second one it looks alright, but the sg isnt much of a bass guitar shape and im not that big of a fan of sg's i like the les paul's look a lot better.

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Those guitars are kinda dumb. The first one, how much tonal variation are you gonna get between the two middle 'buckers? Answer: None

The second one, I never really say the point in having a guitar and a bass in the same instrument. Is s/he a guitarist? is s/he a bassist? I don't know, and neither do they, with their weird doubleneck freak instrument!

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That double neck SG would weigh so much you couldn't play it for very long without getting a hernia.

I always think that whenever I see a double necked guitar. It seems like a display model for someone's collection more than an actual gigging guitar. :D

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