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I am interested in building a solid body electric, however... I hear about routing templates all the time for the body. How exactly do they work in routing? Can I buy them or do I make them? How would I use a template to guide a router bit? do I need some kind of bearing that goes OVER the bit and runs along the inside of the template cut out? Sorry, I am just kinda lost with that, Im sure it will make perfect sence if somebody could explain it to me. Thanks

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I use stewmacs bit which is like 25$ but comes with two ball bearings AND it comes with plastic tubing for additional support, then i use stewmacs templates (like 5bucks?) which are done by laser i believe, so they are very accurate and its a strong acrylic base, although if you do run the router to the edge of the template it will tear into the template, but the small nudge can be fixed by some dried superglue and such.

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