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High-end pickup


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actually that is the pickup style i was reffering too.. in the animal magnetism book that psw pointed out, had no idea that they were producing them the guy who made them went bankrupt after he spent all the book money from his first book and made all these pickups and gave them away at namm.. hmm interesting i will have to book mark this..

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Ansil, this is the same guy (Erno Zwaan) - looks like he found a backer. Basically, he uses three adjustable polepieces instead of one per string ( and a lot of buzzwords, but that may be a transalation problem - the copy might be perfectly clear in his native language) . It's a valid idea, but the references to "holistic listening", "synergism" and "SACD standards" tend to make my BS Meter wiggle a little. :D And the whole "here's some sound samples, but you won't really be able to tell anything from them because your equipment isn't good enough" seems kind of self-defeating. That said, the bass pickups sound tight and bright, with plenty of harmonic content, not unlike most good active pickups. The prices aren't outrageous, so trying a set shouldn't kill anybody. And while it sounds good to have all that high end response, most of us are still using guitar cabinets that cut off around 6 KHz, so we're probably not up to "SACD standards" anyway.

The patent (5,354,949) will give you a pretty good idea of what he's on about, if you haven't read the book. Personally, I'd like to hear them played through a real amplifier and speakers, and see the actual pickups instead of CAD drawings. But that's just me, and I sure don't want to upset anybody, so use your own judgement.

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ahh thanks for the info i forgot his name i new it was different

i have played the original ones and as jed clampent would say "wheeeeewww Doggies"

i am not going to say i would give my first born child or anything like that. but they are one of those rare pickups that i rank up there with if i walked into a store and they had every pickup maker there, the ones i would like

still on that list is

erno zwaan. pjmarx.

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