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Les Paul Guitar Trouble

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Stewmac has a bushing puller tool that I think is for getting those press-in bushings out, as long as you can get the tool just under the flange, or have the screw in the bushing. You should be able to make the stewmac tool without a whole lot of trouble. Just depends what you have more of : time or money.

Along with using a bushing puller tool, you can first heat the bushings with a soldering iron, but too much heat will burn the wood, and heating does no good if you don't have a way to pull up on the bushing when it's hot .

There are other more dangerous methods, like various tools/blades to pry and pull, but I don't even want to go into that.

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I made my own puller by taking a flat rubber washer and a hard piece of metal like a cut off piece of pipe. I put the washer on the guitar top, the metal on top of the washer and then I screw in the post into the stud, as you tighten the stud it pulls the bushing out. Kind o hard to explain without showing you but it takes like 2 minutes and I've never damaged a guitar.


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