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Post-binding questions

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I just completed my first attempt at binding and while the binding looks fine, I am a little worried about some places where I got a little sloppy with the glue. So, here are my questions:

1) I plan on sanding the glue off of the wood and binding. Is this the right approach or is there a better way.

2) Will any glue residue affect the finish if I don't get it completely out of the pores. I am guessing "yes".


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I also scrape to remove dye, however scraping to remove glue isn't going to be as effective...espically if it's CA or Duco Cement. Perhaps a few initial passes with a razor, but he's got glue in the wood, not just on the binding. And he also probably has it running out the sides of the binding.

So strummer, try a few passes with a razor..CAREFULLY, see if it removes the worst of it. But you'll need to finish sand as well. Use that step to level the binding on top and sides, and round off the corners of the binding as to not tear up your arm while playing.

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Thanks for all of the info guys. There is no way I could have come this far on this project without all of the wonderful help I have recieved here.

Just one more question, the next time I bind something, is there a better to apply the glue than just squeezing out of the tube and onto the wood? I thought of using a small brush to apply it, but the stuff was drying pretty darn fast. I am using the StewMac glue btw.

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