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Would this work?

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The design you have in mind is very well proven and was done countless times. Have no worries here. I think your combination of wood and shape should result in a great playing and sounding axe....

The neck thrhough construction should give you great sustain and the maple cap will make the guitar a little brighter sounding then a standard SG. This is just the general opinion though....it always depends on the actual piece of wood and the craftmanship....

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If your going for mahogany, might is suggest one thing, book match it, my friend done it on a Les Paul he's doin right now and it just made it look awesome, make sure you dry fit everything first, no gaps or anything, for a neck though, you might be able to book match the mahoagny, then take the router, use a template and route a big channel for the neck through to go, I think Litchfield did this on a Bass body to a Strat Neck through, not sure, will double check.

Anyways, thats my 2 cents and make sure you post pics and lots of questions, dont 2nd guess on anything, thats when you have to start over your neck or body again and its alot of money and wood wasted!!

Good luck, post pics and questions, and remeber, do not free hand route!


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Found the thread, i dont know if it will affect the tone or not, so its your call


If you buy local hardwood, then go for an ash or cherry neck with mahogany body, or mahogany body with mahogany neck, and glue the 2 peices of mahogany to the neck core and there you go, you got something to work with.

I would try a neck through, but too nervous I will mess up horribly and have to either

A) rip it apart start again

:D scrap it


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QUOTE: ManWhoSoldTheWorld Posted on May 25 2004, 06:35 PM

So, istead of making the neck thru with wings, get the body as one solid piece, the just route a channel all the way down the middle of the body to lay the neck in? did I understand that right?

this method is called a deep set tenon. it quite versatile as you can make arch topped neck thruish guitars. i was thinking of implementing this method in my guitar but it would be a waste of wood - well in my case. i want as much meat on my guitar as possible.

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