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Scalloped Fender Necks

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Hi all, this is most first post here. Here's my situation: I got a 74 scalloped fender neck in a trade and it plays good except I noticed it is back bowed. I turned the rod as loose as it can get to give it relief but around the 15th fret it starts a back bow. This causes the lower frets to buzz even with high action. I put a shim and it helped a little but then I was concerned about the warp. I'm also using 8-46 strings. It is unfinished on the fingerboard as well. Any help on giving it relief would be good.

My second question. I've got another Mexican Fender I want to refret and scallop. Do I need to get the fingerboard level, then scallop? Also, are hammering frets in with a fret hammer a good method or must I get a fret caul and press arbor? Also, once a neck is scalloped,and I want to make sure the neck is straight on the fret side, how would I check and make the necessary sanding? Thanks so much everyone for reading. :D


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Welcome to the forum vicarious484 :D

Although it is not to common of a procedure I have seen luthiers and shop people actually apply pressure against a neck to get it to straighten out. Just be careful if you do it cause if you bend it to far you could either damage the headstock or snap the neck.

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