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Acrylic Laquer, Polish then let ir dry?

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I'm having another project going on and I was wondering, I'm in the laquer stage and should I after I've sprayed some coats, sanded between the layers, spraying, sanding leave it at that and let it dry for a couple of weeks. Or should I sand it down to almost polished state and then let it dry for a couple of weeks???

I'm using acrylic-laquer for the job.

Also give me some tips and pointers on how to achieve a good result!

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The longer you wait the better the cure, as with almost any paint except the accelerated one's such as some of the manufactures and pro shops use but you pay for that $$$.

sanding down some now really may not help much since the dreaded monsters always come out and you end up doing more than you had planned on, plus with the paint being somewhat soft you'll find the edge's are very vunerable at this point for sand through......

That's my .02 anybody else? :D

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For every three coats of acrylic, give it one week to dry. The primer on the other hand, only needs a day per coat.

Personally, i like to do three coats in a day, and leave it a few days, three more coats, leave it a week, and three more coats, leave it a few days, rub it back with 1200 grit, and leave for a week. Thats three weeks total.

Rubbing the top coat back increases the surface area of the lacquer, and breaks the outer skin of the curing acrylic lacquer. This will aid in drying time.

I like to compound and polish by hand when using acrylics. If you use a machine buffer, id put more coats on, hence longer drying time.

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