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Another wood question.

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Is it feasable to use a South American Lace wood as a guitar body? It's heavy about 39 lbs per cubic foot. I'm not sure what mahogony is. I think its a beautiful wood but dont really want to mess with making it as a "cap" to another wood. If someone has used this before can you tell me if it is a good tone wood? Resonate good, and where does it shine. Lows, highs, mids or what. Thank you in advance if anyone replys.

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Thank you! I would also like to know a great place to buy wood rather ceap online. I found some great sites but I would like to know pricing without calling in and making a commitment. I'm still not sure on what wood I want to use. I do think the lacewood is beautiful though. I think I may have to chamber the wood, or just make a thinner body. I need to find somewhere to get custom milled wood or a decently priced pice that I can buy the neck through part. Thanks for any additional help. May I just say that this is a very helpful forum, and a great "community" it seems. :D

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