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Roundover radius

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Hi, just got all my bits, and realised that the neck plate is only about 4mm smaller

than the width of the neck pocket, so i can only get away with about a 2mm radius

on the back of the body around the plate (the heel).

How do people normally deal with this...i'm sure guitars don't usually have 2mm

radii around the back of the body! Therefore, if using different radii, how do i

match them up - i.e. the rest of the back with the heel section?

Hope this makes sense!


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Another question!! :D

Just shopping around for template bits, (i'm in the uk) and allparts are damn

expensive. Found these straight cutter bits,here and here.

Can i just whack a 1/2" bearing on the shank with a collar? and do i need an extra long shank?

Also, would a 1/2" dia x 1/2" deep be best for routing the outside and pickup / control cavities?

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Why don't you just go with your regular roundover bit for everything but the heel, and then you can either hand shape (with sandpaper) or switch for a smaller bit for the heel. By routing the heel, you'll have a "hard" transition between body and heel, but that shouldn't be too hard to smooth out with some sandpaper....

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If you can find separate bearings, I don't see why you couldn't jury-rig something. On the other hand, a decent and 'proper' flush trim bit isn't bank-breakingly expensive.

Mine is a Freud carbide-tipped 1/4" (or is it 1/2"??) flush trim bit, looking something like what's pictured here:


It cost something like $30 CDN, which wasn't the most expensive thing I purchased for the project.


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you can plunge, just while not routing. Firstly drill a pilot whole with a drill press to the depth you want,then just go in 1/4incriment (starting from the pilot whole) around the template and if it gets to deep add another ball bearing on so as to not screw up your pretty wood in the deep

if you dont have a drill press you copuld use those whole cutting router bits (regular straight bit burn when goi raigh down nd aen desned fo it)

and also on must guitars (at least strat type) the neck pocket isnt rounded, its a bit smooth and not a 90 degree angle, but not rounded over like the rest of the body

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Trend bits are nice quality - and their routers are nice to. I have a T5 and I love it :D The template bits sold by WD and the other UK guitar parts sites are insanely pricey, I have no idea how they justify the prices. They may be nice bits, but you can get a comparable freud or Trend bit for much less.

BTW, large B&Q's now carry the Freud bits - sweet.

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