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making a neck on a lathe

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I was thinking, why not make a neck on a lathe, heres how i would do it.

1) laminate selected wood

2) put on lathe, cut it roughley first

3)get it sanded really smooth on lathe so its round except where headstock goes (left big block i suppose)

4) take off lathe, go to bandsaw

5)cut down the middle withbandsaw

6)put freshly sawn face on jointer so perfectly flat

7) you have 2 necks that just need the headstock shaped and truss rod routed

Would this work? i think it would be kinda neat to do, and it would be alot faster


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I'm not sure you'd ever want to build a neck like that. Like I showed you before you could build something as simple as this to carve neck contour or guitar tops. And like they said, the back of most necks aren't perfectly round, for one thing it would be very uncomfortable to play and trying to bandsaw a round object will be hard enough in itself.

This carver makes it easy to build an exact duplicate. You can build one for around 300 dollars or check with Myka, he has a nice duplicating device he built also, he might be able to give you some tips.

Picture of me carving neck contour.

You can build one like I'm using from plans you can get at www.copycarver.com

It will get the job done in around 10 minutes, then I like to go over it with a 3D sander to smooth out the rest without losing the contour.

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