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My First Bass Project

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i start first bass..











this photo is joke ^^

body is 1PC or 2PC maple body..

neck will be sapele and ebony Fingerboard..

have nice day.

i will go to sleep.. bye..

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the quality of your work still amazes me, hyunsu, you are the man!! you have mentioned how much you work etc.. i am amazed that you have the time for this!!! well done, and keep it up!


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thank to Primal..

but i'm student, and i 'm not pro..

when i 'm more skill.. it will be enable...

and this bass pickup will be supply for my Frineds.. i dont know bass pickup..

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or you could make a pickguardfrom some flame offcut, and stain it a contrasting color, that would look wonderfull (in my opinion), but make your own design, i dont know about you, but that round pickguard doesnt apeal to me. maybe you could also use one of the clear pickguards that are self ashesive (like for the acoustics) to protect the wood.

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this body need more dry... body is no action for neck is complate..

only dry.. ^^

have nice weekend..

i think.. good guitar is by lovely guitar..

Guitar love will make world vest.. i suprise

hi bk,

the guitars you made look beautiful. you have learned your craft well. it is sometimes difficult to make good looking guitars that sound good too. you asked how we can keep quality high. we are a small company, and i am very involved in making guitars. what i enjoy is making guitars, not being a business man. i like doing all parts of guitar making, so there is no part that is too plain or simple for me to do. all parts of the process are important. a beautiful is of no value if the wood parts do not work well together. if you start your own business, remember to do what you love, and you will have a happy life. you may not be wealthy, but you will be happy.


this mail from TomAnderson... and BK is Korean Guitar company CNC Programmer..

i feel Tom's Mind.. and Respect him..

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Great bass, and great letter!

You may feel Tom Anderson's mind, but I feel Hyunsu's mind. :D

You are an inspiration with your hard work and your dedication to being a student of crafting guitars.


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