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Binding a Guitar Body

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Hi Keith,

You need two things. 1) You need the binding in hand. 2) You need the proper bit size.

Then use the router to cut the channel. Glue in the binding. Sounds easy, doesn't it. It isn't. Make sure you have the right size router bit and you know how deep to set it first.

Otherwise, all will be lost.

Guitar Ed

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by a router but that the bearing goes on the end of the ( as opposed to the shank) and make the difference between the bearing and the cutting depth of the bit = to the thickness of the binding. thats the easiest way to make it flush, as oppoed to making an undersized template.

as for finding these bits i know that roundover bits ( at least the one i have) have the ball bearing on the end and probably bits designed for template cutting on router tables

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Binding. Isn't it obvious by the name of the thread? :D

It can be anything... it's often made with celluloid, which is a plastic that has acetone as its solvent. Nice work can be done with wood, too.

I don't think there are any 'rules' for what it should be made with, there are just more common materials.

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