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Fret press arbor

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If you fret your necks (acoustics only) after fingerboard is glued on neck (ala many builders) the 1/2 ton model can get a little short in the throw (height under caul) arena. Especially if you use a backing jig to hold the neck while under the press (a requirement). Fingerboard blanks and pre-fitted electric necks are no problem.


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Sorry.I messed up.I have a drill press and a radiused caul insert.I meant the thing that holds the caul.

Could I just weld the brass caul to a steel shaft?

I think they work better if the caul can swivel. Some guys prefer using the drill press, cuz there's more room to do a neck that is attached to a body. Supposedly not a good thing to do to a drill press, except I think the frets shouldn't take a lot of force to press in. If you could get a junk drill press for 5 bucks, maybe it would be better.

Guitar repairman Rich Beck made a presser which I think didn't allow the caul to swivel enough, and it didn't work, so he said " I made a fret-press, IT SUCKED ! Hammering rules ! "

I like pressing better . I use a much more portable pressing system, which I'm too proud of to share the details about.

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