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Fret bender


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I remeber we've talked about making fret benders before, and there where places you could buy plans before, other people say that some luthier school show you how to make one for 20$, did anyone actually come up with something they can share though? i'm thinking about trying to make one, and i'd like to have a little more info then a picture and what i can see when dan erlewine is using it in his video..

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** cough ** ** Cough**, don't get out of the forum much do ya :D

B) i actually made a set of those, i just find them a bit hard on the hands so i wanted a quicker way :D

yes, mimf was horrible to navigate, took me a good 10 minutes to find the library and run a search.. i think i'll try that 3 brass pulley wheels ideal :D

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I want one that will straighten curved wire. Couldn't that be done if you took the stewmac design and put grooves in the two smaller rollers ?

I want to do this to "work harden" wire, and for "starting over" if I have some wire that's got a 7" radius and I want it to be 12" instead, etc etc.

I have the stew-mac one, but wouldn't mind making another, especially if it is modded to straighten wire as well.

I think I saw somewhere that someone made an electric one that worked with their drill press.

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