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Hello !! Newb here

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Hi guys been lurking here for quite awhile I love this site.

Have a used guitar given to me for free.

What I have : Peavey Tracer Strat style ( S-S-S)

Sunburst finish

Pretty good Condition fairly large ding in bottom end (easily repareable)

The Cavities are routed out for Humbuckers.

Neck is in good condition one of the frets is overhanging just a tad (wood dried out a bit from poor storage or just a bad fret job not sure) and the nut isn't fitted properly. (overhangs on one side and indented on the other)

Overall condition is pretty good. The pots and switches need to be replaced. I tried cleaning them out but still pretty noisy when I switch or use the pots. They have a "cheap" feel to them anyway.

What I want to do with it: Change it around totaly. I want to change the body design to something else. Strat style IMO is boring. I'd like to change it to more of a "futuristic (laser) looking rifle look. I like the JEM style handle look but want to bring it further or ??

I'll change the trem and the pups and nut and other stuff.

Does anyone know where i can find some good ideas for the body conversion ?

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